Utah Locations

Utah can stand in for a variety of locations nationally and internationally while being one of the closest locations to Hollywood. Jan 2015 The Producer Services arm of the Utah Film Commission provides a valuable service to both in-state and out-of-state producers who look to Utah for the ideal location for their project, whether that project … Continued

Navigating Nazareth

Bruce Neibaur and Matthew Williams Share the Tools for Creating a Believable Era on Film 09.2012 – We long for the invitation to exist in a different time and space. It’s the true nature of our creative minds—to create a journey so personal, so distant that it allows us to reflect back onto our lives … Continued

Utah’s Education Mosaic

Fueling Utah’s competitive edge with a relevant workforce 09.2012 – Human Resource, workforce, personnel, troops—that by many names, is the elusive elixir to success for a country, a state, a city, a company. Planning for tomorrow’s workforce as an inherent part of economic development and corporate strategy is what Utah’s post-secondary education institutions are up … Continued

Alexis Cairo Hosts Comcast Newsmakers

“These non-profits don’t have a lot of resources so this is one way of getting some information out to the people they can help in the community.” says Ray. 2012 January – For one day a month, the crew, management and host gather at the Blair Kunz studios located in the southwest corner of Salt … Continued

Jeff T. Miller Mpau President

Everywhere you turn is a beautiful image,” says Jeff T. Miller, “It’s a calling card for us.” Utah is a Mecca of natural tourist sites, beautiful locations, and vast rural areas. Every pretty picture of these places builds awareness of all the opportunities that Utah has to offer to filmmakers. The Arches, the Rockies, the … Continued

Small Digital Shop Rain Crushes Big Digital Work

They might be nice guys, but they are known as a dark horse— the kind that shows up at midnight saddled up and ready for a rumble. 01/2012 – Based in American Fork, Utah, Rain is one of the original digital native agencies; they have always been digital, and understand it down to the pixelar … Continued

IT Utah 3.0

Utah’s (somewhat) Quiet Continued Growth Into a National Hub for IT/Software and Digital Media Companies 2013 Jan [UT] – In 1985, Utah was home to two of the three largest software companies in the world — Novell and WordPerfect; Microsoft was the third. That was IT Utah 1.0. Utah has been the home of leading … Continued

Imagine U

A year in the making, the “Imagine U” campaign broke in January with a multi-media placement reaching the local market through broadcast, outdoor, print and online. The campaign was but a twinkle in the U’s eye in June of 2011 when Bill Warren was appointed as the first chief marketing and communications officer, a new … Continued

The House that Boede Built

When you step off the elevator on the 14th floor of the World Trade Center in downtown Salt Lake City, you are transported to a world where global brands live and thrive—the sleek, stylish offices of MRM//McCann—not only one of the tech powerhouses in Utah, but also one of the best business-to-business marketing firms in … Continued

Utah Office of Tourism & Disney’s “The Lone Ranger”

2013 Aug [UT] – If you visit a special section of Utah’s tourism Web site www.visitutah.com/things-to-do/filmed-in-utah/lone-ranger, you will be able to plan a vacation around Disney’s “The Lone Ranger’s” iconic location list. A five-day itinerary includes Upper Colorado River Scenic Byway Hwy 128, Arches National Park, Dead Horse Point, Canyonlands National Park, the Colorado River … Continued