The Utah Film Commission’s Motion Picture Incentive Program

The Amplifying Effect of Investment in Imagination Jan 2016 Many Park City residents became used to seeing Hollywood stars this year and, for once, it wasn’t during the annual Sundance Film Festival. Both ABC and HBO spent months in the local ski town filming two large productions: ABC with its new network series Blood & Oil … Continued

Ushering an Era of Re-Invention, Transformation, and Self Discovery

Do you feel that 2016 will usher in an era of re-invention, transformation, and self discovery? There have been an unusual amount of conversations already in this first month of the new year about the desire, and in some cases, desperation for change—that it’s time to re-invent. There is at least one scheduled change ahead, that … Continued

Elevating Tourism in 2015

“People who have experienced Utah know it is a place where you can thrive at both work and play, but people who haven’t been here have lots of misconceptions,” says Vicki Varela, Managing Director, Utah Office of Tourism, Film and Global Branding in the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED). “Our Life Elevated branding campaign … Continued


Avenue H is a perfect fit for small businesses seeking health insurance   2013 Dec UT – Small companies have lots of advantages over their larger cousins. They’re more agile, creative and youthful. They can conceptualize and implement new ideas quickly and efficiently. They have great potential for success and attract passionate people. One thing … Continued


Already some clear patterns are emerging. Most prominent is the need for creative artists to expand their focus on the business aspects of their craft.   2013 April – The past decade has brought a confluence of technological advances in hardware, software, communications and distribution platforms allowing independent creators to shoot, edit, create, publish, market … Continued


2013 January – This was going to be about the use of social media by local newspapers and broadcasters to bolster their brands and increase their audiences, but something happened on the way to the second paragraph. After scanning various local news-oriented websites, it occurred to me the question may not be what traditional media … Continued


“Great public television—like great advertising—is clearly all about good taste, good art, and good writing. Mr. Bernbach, meet Mr. Rogers. I think you two are going to be great friends.”   2012 January [SLC] – Shortly after I was named General Manager of KUED Channel 7, I found myself at a PBS conference in Austin, … Continued


Salt Lake Comic Con 2013—an exercise in integrated, social media mastery. By Joanne Bloomfield   2014 Jan UT – The results are in; you’ve probably already seen quite a few of the stats as well as the flurry of press and preparatory events for the 2014 events. Salt Lake Comic Con 2013 was an unprecedented … Continued


It’s a brave new world. Or is it?   2014 Jan UT – From the Internet, to Facebook, to email marketing and everything in between, the way we do business has changed forever. It’s hard to believe that Facebook has only been around for 10 years. Back in the day we didn’t tweet, or pin, … Continued