Steve Olpin on YouTube and Loving it

  The Talking Fly, an Experiment in Passion Jan 2016 After more than two decades as a filmmaker, Steve Olpin fell head over heels for the freedom of YouTube. His YouTube channel, The Talking Fly, is a series of short documentaries that explore the idea of doing, going and giving back. His subjects are artists, … Continued

Celebrating Don Schain

  Jan 2016 Have you ever met someone who was bigger than life? Someone who made such a big impact that his influence will continue like a legend to touch his friends and colleagues far into the future? Don Schain was just such a person. He was a person who knew how to get things … Continued

Kenny Riches’: Utah Filmmaker

Jan 2015 Both of the main characters in The Strongest Man are searching-—Conan seeks approval and acceptance, they both are looking for their power animals (a chicken and a dog) and Beef desperately wants to find his stolen bike. Kenny crafted this tale with based on his experiences but as a character in his own … Continued

Vicki Varela: Utah Office of Tourism

No one can compete with our rocks or our snow Vicki Varela Brings Her Talents, Leadership And Big Ideas To The Utah Office Of Tourism 4/2/2013 In early January, Vicki Varela was named managing director of Tourism, Film and Global Branding at the Utah Office of Tourism. The position was formerly held by Leigh von … Continued

Danfung Dennis – Condition One

Danfung Dennis – Condition One: How a Filmmaker Turned Tech Entrepreneur Aims To Put You Inside The Story and Not Let You Look Away. 2013 Apr [UT] – Thoughtful and articulate with a quiet demeanor, sharp intellect and moral compass firmly oriented toward exposing the horrors of war, Danfung Dennis doesn’t look the part of a … Continued

Tyler Measom – Documentarian

Tyler Measom – Utah’s Own Documentarian Breaking Rank into Contentarian for the 21st Century With more than a hundred commercials to his credit, Hollywood success as the producer of “Take”, a critically acclaimed documentary, “Sons of Perdition”, shown at more than 40 film festivals and recently he directed and produced the documentary “Beehive Spirits” for … Continued

Jeff Metcalf: Giving Voice

“a documentary film is a confessional of sorts. you step in front of this lens and it’s an act of contrition, of forgiveness and permission. sitting there in the darkness and being invited in and being asked to trust the filmmaker. how can you not think this is one of the most powerful things in … Continued

Peggy Lander’s Template for Success

2013 Dec UT – You know how certain people just seem to live a charmed life? I see Peggy Lander, recently retired partner at Richter7, as one of those people. And as we know, we make our own luck—we are the creators of our own charmed life. During an interview with Peggy, it was clear … Continued

ThomasARTS at 10

Go Big or Go Home – $0 to $110 Million in 10 Years   2013 Dec UT – Building any business from the ground up is hard; the first 10 years being the toughest of all. Dave Thomas, founder and CEO explains that Anne Wood joined the fledgling firm right at the start, bringing organizational … Continued

Virginia Pearce Named Director of the Utah Film Commission

UT – Virginia Pearce loves to answer the question often asked by filmmakers from large markets, “Why do you live in Utah?” With the common mis-perception of bonneted sister wives pulling hand carts filled with children in an art-barren culture, one would indeed wonder why a vibrant intellectual such as Virginia would choose to live … Continued