Squatty Potty Engages Creative Agency Struck for Brand and Retail Work

UT – 11/16/2016 – Salt Lake City-based Struck, a creative agency with offices in Portland and Los Angeles, was recently chosen by Squatty Potty LLC. to lead the company’s branding and retail efforts. Chosen for its expertise in brand positioning, identity and emotional storytelling, Struck is also responsible for award-winning work for other brands such … Continued

Purdie distribution ranks in the top 20 film distributors in the US for the second consecutive year.

Jan 2015  Purdie keeps top 20 company with Warner Bros, Sony, Freestyle Releasing, et al. Brandon Purdie takes a very personal approach to distribution. With home runs under his belt such as the “Saints and Soldiers” movies, “Meet the Mormons” and now soon-to-be-released, “Freetown.” Brandon uses the “Sum of all Things” equation to please the … Continued

BYUtv – Proof that Content is Still King

  Scott Swofford’s line-up of programming provides vital nutrition to Utah’s production Jan 2016 A testament to the power of content, BYUtv went from zero to the most ubiquitous channel in the U.S. in 15 years. When Derek Marquis, director of BYU Broadcasting saw an opportunity to make one of their signals, BYUtv “watchable” he recruited … Continued

Alvarez / Hofeling Creative Services Bureau

Genius at a Breakneck Pace: Matias Alvarez and Mark Hofeling had to become bricks and mortar in order to work for bricks and mortar. Their space has a touch of whimsy with the vintage letter lights and lots of warehouse space to play and create. In the world of creative production, there are a couple … Continued

Utah At Sundance

Utah filmmakers and producers show off talent with an abundant amount of work that made it through the rigorous vetting process and into the most prestigious film festival in the country. Here’s a list of Utah produced films in the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. Don Verdean Premieres Director: Jared Hess Screenwriters: Jared Hess, Jerusha Hess … Continued

Utah Locations

Utah can stand in for a variety of locations nationally and internationally while being one of the closest locations to Hollywood. Jan 2015 The Producer Services arm of the Utah Film Commission provides a valuable service to both in-state and out-of-state producers who look to Utah for the ideal location for their project, whether that project … Continued

Navigating Nazareth

Bruce Neibaur and Matthew Williams Share the Tools for Creating a Believable Era on Film 09.2012 – We long for the invitation to exist in a different time and space. It’s the true nature of our creative minds—to create a journey so personal, so distant that it allows us to reflect back onto our lives … Continued

Utah’s Education Mosaic

Fueling Utah’s competitive edge with a relevant workforce 09.2012 – Human Resource, workforce, personnel, troops—that by many names, is the elusive elixir to success for a country, a state, a city, a company. Planning for tomorrow’s workforce as an inherent part of economic development and corporate strategy is what Utah’s post-secondary education institutions are up … Continued

Alexis Cairo Hosts Comcast Newsmakers

“These non-profits don’t have a lot of resources so this is one way of getting some information out to the people they can help in the community.” says Ray. 2012 January – For one day a month, the crew, management and host gather at the Blair Kunz studios located in the southwest corner of Salt … Continued