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For 30 years adnews has brought the players together through creative showcases, news, columns, information, resource directories and profiles – Buyers meet Service Providers.

adnews writes to the marcom industry including people who hold positions with influence in the branding, marketing and advertising corporate job titles. For example, business ownership, CEO/CMO, president, vice president of marketing.

Also, executive in the media and owners of supplier-based companies to the industry. adnews comes into play with your role in communicating directly with not only a targeted industry, but a targeted region that includes Utah and Colorado with plans for expansion.

If you take advantage of adnews’ ability to deliver a loyal and specific readership, you will find yourself elevating in recognition and loyalty for your company and its services, brand and products.

With today’s demands limiting reading time, it is more crucial than ever to be in the magazine that is considered required reading.

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