Purdie distribution ranks in the top 20 film distributors in the US for the second consecutive year.

Susen Sawatzki

Jan 2015 

Purdie keeps top 20 company with Warner Bros, Sony, Freestyle Releasing, et al.

Brandon Purdie takes a very personal approach to distribution. With home runs under his belt such as the “Saints and Soldiers” movies, “Meet the Mormons” and now soon-to-be-released, “Freetown.” Brandon uses the “Sum of all Things” equation to please the triad of distribution: The Filmmaker, The Cinema, The Audience.

He knew what end of the film and entertainment world he wanted from the beginning, “I never went to the movies and thought I would make movies. I was fascinated with the posters and the trailers and the marketing. I wanted to go into distribution. For me it was equal parts love for film and theaters – they are both magical to me.”


His career began with Excel Entertainment as an entry-level marketing executive and worked on the first “Saints and Soldiers” movie. He moved through different positions in distribution and was soon booking films all over the country.

He eventually formed his own distribution consultancy and his first film he distributed was the “Seratov Approach”.

“My mission and goal for distribution is: 1: find audiences who want content. 2: find content for those audiences and, 3: marry those two things together.”

He only promises what he can pull off with reasonable certainty to combat the bad rap that the distribution industry suffers. “I’ve heard the horror stories where filmmakers hand over their life’s work and never see a dime and often never hear from the distributor again.”

He first honors the artist, “If they had the courage to make the movie, then certainly I should be taking cues from them along the distribution process

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